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Food is a very important feature in The Sims Castaway Stories. It works in a similar was as resources do, but it's collected very differently.

It's important because every time a Sim makes a meal or takes a snack, they spend some food (it depends on the meal). Though when Sims collect food, they collect it in higher amounts so there's no worries if you have an active Sim in your household.

Food can be collected anywhere; on residential lots, community lots or beaches. Pets, like orangutans, can also help by collecting food.

There are several ways to collect it:

  • Spearing fish in the sea or fishing in the pond (Note: Unlike in Seasons, Sims won't earn a badge doing this, however, by fishing more often, Sims can get better lures, and by then will catch better fish);
  • Collecting fruit on trees;
  • Going to work.


  • When a Sim snacks, he or she usually spends 11 food.
  • When spearing fish, there is a big chance that a Sim will stab themself in the foot, which will slow them down.
  • Fortune Sims usually roll wants to collect  food (or resources).
  • The Sims Castaway Stories features all new meals none of which were featured are from The Sims 2 originally. Some of those are "Pineapple Salad" or "Roasted Boar", for example. Sims can make deserts too.

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