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Foofaraw family
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Name Foofaraw family
Members Fran Foofaraw, Freddy Foofaraw
Other Information
Game The Sims (console)
Neighborhood SimValley

The Foofaraw family is a family in The Sims for console. It consists of Fran and Freddy Foofaraw whom are met by the player's Sim at level 3. They are most likely in the game so that the player's Sim will have enough friends to get promoted. The relation between Fran and Freddy is unknown, and due to how young they look, many players consider them to be siblings; however, the Prima Official Game Guide biography of Fran refers to Freddy as her "hunk", suggesting a romantic relationship between the two.

"Foofaraw", typically means to be flamboyant over trivial matters.


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