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A Custom Hero Blacksmith forges a Staff of the Watcher on his Forge and Avnil

Forge is an item-crafting piece of furniture from The Sims Medieval.

The Forge and Anvil are the two items needed by Blacksmiths to craft items. It is found in Furnish Mode under Domestic, Professional tabs and costs 620 Simoles to purchase.

"The forge is the center of life for any town's professional blacksmith. The science may be simple, but the art of the forge is still a skill requiring years of patience and practice to master. However, a few scraps in the right blacksmith's hands can be turned into something truly magic!"

Using the ForgeEdit

To use the forge, one also requires an Anvil, resources (collected by mining or purchased in the village shop), and possibly a known recipe. With the blacksmith hero as the main character, select the forge and then "Craft" (needs/focus must be above distress levels to use profession items successfully) and select an item you have the resources to craft. The Smithy will then fire up the forge and begin to heat a piece of metal. When the metal is in the Orange range (Not red or blue, this leads to poor quality), click on the Anvil and select "Hammer Metal" to begin the creation process. keep an eye on the temperature of the item, if it drops into the blue range, you will have quality issues. Keep the temperature in the orange range by clicking on the forge and reheating the metal if need be, repeating the process until the progress meter fills.

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