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Forgotten Grotto
Forgotten grotto
Type: Secret area

The Forgotten Grotto is a secret lot in Oasis Springs. This area contains the collectibles: Onions, Sage, Lily, Mushroom, Mineral, Fish, Frog, and Potato.

Unlock InformationEdit

Visit the Desert Bloom Park lot and follow the instructions below to enter the hidden Forgotten Grotto lot.

  1. At the park, travel far behind the lot to a public space with a bathroom stall. Now continue though the canyon to the left to discover an abandoned, boarded up cave entrance.
  2. Interact with the Mine Cave. If the Sim has Level 10 Handiness they’ll be able to break down the wooden barrier and explore inside.
  3. To complete the Adventure Cave, select each option in the order as follows; “Take the Wide Path”, “Climb the Ladder”, “Step onto the Ledge”.
  4. Welcome to Forgotten Grotto.

There is also another similar entrance to Forgotten Grotto behind Affluista Mansion (Landgraab's house).


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