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This is The Sims Wiki's Help desk, where you may ask for help whether it's related to the wiki or the game itself. If you wish to ask for help or wish to help others who may have already posted a thread, please use this forum. To start a new conversation, use the 'Start new thread' button below.

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Stickied threads
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Welcome to the Help desk22:31, October 29, 2015LostInRiverview
Trait TS4 Gregarious
Active threads
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Sims 2 problem - Maximum Lot Visitor number02:42, March 9, 2017K6ka
No "Content" list in page01:18, February 5, 2017For The Fans
Sims3 won't work on macbook06:14, November 16, 2016203.59.189.120
How do I save a Character to use in TS2?00:49, November 5, 2016Sailcaptain
Saving a house to use in another neighborhood11:22, October 28, 2016K6ka
The Sims: Complete Collection and Windows 10.01:17, October 14, 2016Blameitonmyotp
How do I delete a picture I uploaded to the fanon sims wikia23:48, October 4, 2016K6ka
How do I delete a fanon page I created of a Sim?14:59, October 4, 2016K6ka
Installing Mods for Sims 2 help?19:07, September 25, 2016Dharden
Pets Not Allowed In Oasis Landing?02:14, August 29, 2016Naw78
"Multiplying" Festival Tickets?12:57, August 14, 2016Freewinter
Why is my sim an entertainer19:42, August 6, 2016AsIfByLogic
Problem with Insects (TS3)00:50, July 26, 2016K6ka
How to take pictures of your sims and post them here?12:47, July 10, 2016MR Z BRAINZ
PNG headshots?19:28, July 7, 2016Icemandeaf
Will the sims 4 run on my laptop?20:32, June 29, 2016K6ka
Question! Can you reset pre made families?22:01, June 11, 2016Worldsokayest
How to get rid of sims existing skills?21:57, May 29, 2016K6ka
Sims 3 pets xbox 360 architect10:57, May 10, 2016K6ka
Sims 2 Ghosts at open graveyards16:53, January 24, 2016Sims2Player
Sims 3: University Life graduation problem22:06, January 20, 2016WayfinderOwl
Sims 2 Trouble00:50, January 4, 2016Tokyorose09
Raffi Barakat17:48, January 1, 2016LostInRiverview
Les sims 405:36, December 30, 2015Simsilikesims
Ghost Hunter Glitch23:52, December 9, 2015K6ka
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