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Subdue the monster with art.

In The Sims: Livin' Large, a Sim can temporarily turn into a Frankenstein-like monster. During this time, the Sim is uncontrollable. The Sim can become the monster by drinking a purple potion from the Concoctinator Chemistry Set.

While turned, he walks around using items randomly, which will always break them, and will commonly walk around throwing temper tantrums, and even kicking a garden gnome in anger, but the gnomes will usually explode, as well as waking up any Sims who are sleeping. However, art easels will keep him busy. He will paint childlike paintings on them. He can be contained by surrounding him with art easels, which he will always use. Once he turns back to normal, repair what he has broken and sell his paintings (which sell for a lot). Female Sims can become Frankenstein's monster too, but they have a different appearance and outfit.

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