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Free Street is a district of SimValley. It is referred to a lot in The Sims Bustin' Out on console in "Free Play" mode. The lots go from 1 to 3. Sims that also live in Free Street will come to visit the player's house. However, Sims who live in Free Street will be unable to call or invite Sims who live in any of the main lots, such as Casa Caliente and the Goth Manor. In story mode, one of the player's goals is to get married; they can only do this by marrying a Sim who is living in one of the houses on Free Street.

Free Street is only available after the main player reaches level four properties such as Casa Caliente, Shiny Things Lab Inc., and Club Rubb. It may also be unlocked early if a recommended cheat is placed.

Occupied lots Edit

Unoccupied Lots Edit

3 Free Street Edit

3 Free Street is a vacant lot with no house built and no decorations. It is roughly the same size as 1 Free Street and 2 Free Street. Sims from both the Tutti household and Frutti household will normally visit when a family moves in. In this case, it is best recognized as an "experimental" lot, almost like Pixel Acres.

The dream at the beginning of the game takes place on the same lot as 3 Free Street. The player can leave the lot and return using debug cheats accessed through a cheat engine.

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