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For other uses, see Friendly (disambiguation).

Friendly is a social type that first appeared in The Sims along with Mean and Romantic. So far, every Sim ranging from Child to Elder can use Friendly Socials.

Social Properties

Game User Sim Target Sim
The Sims Child and Adult Child and Adult
The Sims 2/The Sims Stories Child, Teen, Adult/Young Adult and Elder Child, Teen, Adult/Young Adult and Elder
The Sims 3/The Sims Medieval Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder


Friendly is the most common social type and it is used to build relationships.


As with most socials, they can fail. In The Sims 3, some traits can prevent some Friendly socials from working such as using Talk about Computers on a Technophobe or asking a Workaholic about career while they are unemployed.

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