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This article contains list of socials that are Friendly.


The UrbzEdit

  • Social: The name of the social move.
  • District: The social move of the District; N/A if it is not part of a district.
  • Success Animation: The animation of the social of when it works.
  • Fail Animation: The animation of the social of when it fails.

The Sims 3Edit

  • Social: The name of the social
  • User/Target Age: The ages that the social can be used by & used on respectively. Such as T, YA, A, E/C, T, YA, A, E
    • C: Child
    • T: Teen
    • YA: Young Adult
    • A: Adult
    • E: Elder
  • Changes Commodity to: The social changes the STC (Short-Term Context)/Commodity to (e.g., Friendly)
  • Requirements: the requirements to use the social such as a specific trait.
  • Supporting trait: This social is mostly used with this trait.
  • Not effective on: The social is less effective if it is used on a Sim with this trait.
  • Repeat limit: How many times the social can be used. Going over the limit will change it to Boring STC. For Mean socials, this will be changed to Very Angry.

The Urbz: Sims in the CityEdit

Social District Success Animation Fail Animation

The Sims 3Edit

Social User/Target Age Changes Commodity to Requirements Supporting trait Not effective on Repeat limit
Ask To Pillow Fight[TS3:G] C


Friendly None None None 2
Chat C


Friendly None None None 4
Gossip C


Friendly None Snob None 2
Talk About Computers C


Friendly Computer Whiz Computer Whiz Technophobe 2

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