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For the trait in The Sims Medieval, see Friendly (The Sims Medieval).
For other uses, see Friendly (disambiguation).
Trait Friendly
Friendly is a social trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Mean Spirited trait, and is available at birth.

Friendly Sims smile frequently at others and are quick to make friends.


  • Sim's friendly social interaction are accepted more often.
  • Friendly Sims make friends faster than other Sims.
  • Sim is a good listener, even when others repeat themselves.
  • Friendly Sims will have the desire to become best friends with their enemies.

Unlocked InteractionsEdit

  • Friendly Sims can use the "Get to Know" interaction on Sims they've recently met. This works like normal Chatting but has a higher chance of revealing a Sims' traits.

Player NotesEdit

  • Friendly Sims will default to friendly interactions when acting autonomously.
  • Just like a Sim with the Good trait can get Mean Spirited trait, an Evil Sim still can get the Friendly, unless Mean Spirited is chosen.
  • Good and Friendly Sims would often get along, unless the Friendly Sim has the Evil trait.
  • Friendly is the most popular trait.

Possible lifetime wishesEdit

  • Super Popular
  • Leader of the Free World
  • Star News Anchor
  • World Renowned Surgeon
  • Surrounded by Family

Friendly SimsEdit

Michael Bachelor, Erik Darling, Victor Goth.

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