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Trait Frugal
Frugal is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 3.

Frugal Sims love to clip coupons to save money, relish a good deal and hate being wasteful.


  • Sim will receive a "Got A Good Deal" moodlet when using coupons at the store.
  • Sim also really enjoys buying things that are on sale.
  • NPCs with this trait will not visit the Bistro lot.

Unlocked InteractionsEdit

  • Sim can clip coupons from the newspaper for deals at the store.
  • Sim can search the internet for coupons.

Player NotesEdit

  • Frugal Sims get negative moodlets when purchasing expensive household objects.
  • Frugal Sims will give less to other Sims asking for campaign donations. They also hand moochers less money.
  • Frugal Sims will often autonomously turn off the lights in the house, which lowers bills.

Possible Lifetime WishesEdit

  • Living in the Lap of Luxury
  • Swimming in Cash

Frugal SimsEdit

Gunther Goth, Simis BachelorStiles McGraw.

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