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Completing the Athletic skill challenge
Completed Athletic Skill Challenge.

This game guide is for The Sims 3 only.

In The Sims 3, there are three Athletic skill challenges to complete. This tutorial will assist players in completing these challenges.

Body BuilderEdit

Body Builders have dedicated at least 60 hours to strength workouts. This dedication pays off, because they are never fatigued after strength workouts. Also unlocks 'Flex' social.

How To Unlock: Use TV or Stereo to workout and choose strength.

Marathon RunnerEdit

Marathon Runners must run at least 500 kilometers before they earn the title. However, accomplishing this incredible feat guarantees them a longer, healthier life.

How To Unlock: If players want their Sim to go to somewhere, choose the "Jog here" option instead of "Go here".

Fitness NutEdit

Fitness Nuts have spent 75 hours focusing on cardio workouts. All that time experiencing the burn means they are no longer fatigued after cardio workouts.

How To Unlock: Use a TV or Stereo to workout and choose cardio.


  • Running on a treadmill will add both Marathon Runner kilometers and Fitness Nut hours at the same time.
  • Sims with the Athletic trait will gain the Athletic skill faster and be able to complete these challenges more easily.
  • Vampires are able to complete these challenges more easily as they can't become fatigued.
  • The use of Floor Hygienators will offset the hygiene drain when attempting the challenges.

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