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Completing the Charisma skill challenge
This one has No Sense of Humor...

There are 5 challenges in the charisma skill, and sims with the Friendly and Charismatic trait can complete them easier.


Celebrities are acquaintances with at least 25 local Sims. Celebrities are able to build relationships more quickly due to a hefty starting relationship bonus.

How To Unlock: Greet or introduce your sim to any 25 sims in the neighborhood. If you have a computer this can be finished within 5 sim hours of starting a new game. Just queue as many chat with someone actions that you can and cancel them as soon as you gain a single + of influence (2-3 sec) and keep queuing more till you have enough. The computer might burn out before the end if it's a really cheap one.


Personable Sims have learned at least 50 Traits of their friends and neighbors. They are able to learn traits more quickly when conversing with new people.

How To Unlock: Just chat with other sims on the town to discover their traits, buying the Observant lifetime happiness is very helpful' (Not recommended as it does the same thing as this challenge reward and doesn't stack)'. If your sim is a vampire, you can read other sims minds to discover their traits. Perceptive sims discover traits quickly, having PrivateEye hidden trait got in investigator career is helpful.

Super FriendlyEdit

Super Friendly Sims can honestly say they have at least 20 Friends. It seems like an impossibly large number of relationships to juggle, but for Super Friendly Sims, friendships never decay.

How To Unlock: Have 20 friends. The childish trait (w/ tag playing) and/or Architectural Designers help. Finishing the Celebrity challenge or having the attractive LTR makes this easy. Having both will almost always make you a friend with someone instantly the first time you meet. (Long Distance Friend is not recommended to help with this as it does the exact same thing as this challenge reward and doesn't stack).

Everybody's Best FriendEdit

To be Everybody's Best Friend, have at least 10 best friends. Your Friends skip Good Friend and jump immediately to Best Friends.

How To Unlock: Have 10 best friends. The childish trait (w/ tag playing) and/or Architectural Designers help. Completing the Celebrity and Super Friendly challenges and/or having the Attractive LTR makes getting this easy. (Long Distance Friend LTR not recommended due to Super Friendly doing the same thing and be very easy to get).


Comedians have successfully told 100 jokes, which amounts to quite a few laughs. Jokes told by comedians rarely fall flat.

How To Unlock: Tell jokes to another sims, sims with the Good Sense of Humor trait will complete it more easily.


  • Moving out your sim to another city will reset all of this skill challenge.

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