This game guide is for The Sims 3 only.

In The Sims 3, there are two Fishing skill challenges to complete. This tutorial will assist players in completing these challenges.

Amateur IchthyologistEdit

Amateur Ichthyologists have caught at least 20 type of fish. Their deep understanding of aquatic life helps them catch bigger fish than normal Sims.

How To Unlock: Catch 20 different types of fish. The Sim must have mastered their fishing skill, bought all fishing books and read them before they are able to do this. The Collection Helper lifetime reward costs 40,000 lifetime happiness points, but helps Sims locate fish in the water, among other things.

Commercial FishermanEdit

Commercial Fishermen have caught at least 350 fish. They often catch more fish in less time than normal Sims.

How To Unlock: Catch 350 fish.