This game guide is for The Sims 3 only.

In The Sims 3, there are three Handiness skill challenges to complete. This tutorial will assist players in completing these challenges.


Electricians have repaired at least 10 electrical objects. The experience gained means they will never be electrocuted by an electrical object again.

How to unlock: Repair 10 broken electrical objects.


Plumbers have repaired at least 10 plumbing objects. They are so good at repairs that plumbing objects repaired by them never break again.

How to unlock: Repair 10 broken plumbing objects.


Tinkerers have finished at least 10 unique upgrades on household items. Installing the "Unbreakable" upgrade on multiple objects only counts as one unique upgrade, so it helps to experiment with different upgrade options! Tinkerers never fail when upgrading objects.

How to unlock: Upgrade 10 objects. Having 7 points in the Handiness skill allows for most upgrades to be unlocked. Applying the same upgrade on multiple objects, e.g. installing Fireproof on a stove and a fireplace, will only count as one unique upgrade.


  • The Handy trait will help Sims to improve their Handiness skill faster and repair items more quickly.
  • If the Sim is a witch they can use ice blast to automatically break objects and then fix them
  • Sims with the Unlucky trait will break objects more easily, allowing for the Electrician and Plumber challenges to be completed faster, however they also have a higher chance at failing the repair and becoming electrocuted.