This game guide is for The Sims 3 only.

In The Sims 3, there are three Instrument skill challenges to complete. This tutorial will assist players in completing these challenges. Each separate instrument (Guitar[TS3], Piano, Bass and Drums[LN], Laser Rhythm-a-Con[ITF]) has its own challenge, but they are completed in the same way.

Master Guitarist/Pianist/Bassist/Drummer/Laser Rhythm-a-Con Artist Edit

Master Guitarists/Drummers/Pianists/Bassists learn to play every song awarded to them and available for purchase at the store. After learning so many songs, they receive a special Master Track!

How to Unlock: Level 10 in the chosen skill must be reached, and all song books must be acquired and read. The Bookworm trait helps Sims to read faster. The Sim will get a master track after completing this challenge.

Guitar/Piano/Bass/Drum/Laser Rhythm-a-Con StarEdit

See also: Game Guide:Guitar Star

Guitar/Drum/Bass/Piano/Laser Rhythm-a-Con Stars must play at 10 Parties and Venues in the town to earn their title. Afterward, they earn larger monetary rewards for tips and performances!

How to Unlock: This challenge cannot be completed by playing instruments in a party, despite its description. It is required to complete 10 of any specific instrument opportunities to complete this challenge. Because opportunities are random, an easy way to trigger them to appear is to only have the instrument skill and no job. Another way to trigger opportunities is to use testingcheatsenabled, shift-click on a rabbit hole and select "Force Opportunity".

Money MakerEdit

Earn §25,000 by playing the Guitar/Drum/Bass/Piano to earn a new Master Track to perform. Money can be earned through tips or by completing opportunities.

How to Unlock: Your Sim must play for tips and get §25,000. If the Sim lives in Bridgeport, the subway is a good place to play for tips. The Sim will get a master track after completing this challenge.



  • There is a bug in Laser Rhythm-a-Con Star challenge, the opportunity is broken and do not count into the challenge completion. So it cannot be completed by any normal means.