The Sims 2Edit

By cheatingEdit

By using boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat, you can simply drag the daily and lifetime relationship bars into left or right. BOTH Sims have to have relevant relationship and interact at least once after relationship drag in order to make friends. Note that this will not change reputation as reputation requires interaction, not friends.

Expansion PacksEdit

Base GameEdit

  • Wearing the Cool Shades will significantly increase relationships if the interaction is accepted, but will also significantly damage relationship if rejected.


  • After a good date or outing, a contact (A.K.A. friend of friend) might make a call and ask for an outing. They make instant friendship but only for a while until the contact effect wears off. Sims should befriend them in the meantime.

Open For BusinessEdit


  • Certain seasons affect relationship boost. Spring boosts romantic interactions, Summer boosts friendly interactions, and Winter boosts family interactions.
  • Wishing "Friends" in Wishing Well will spawn 3 instant best friends at first interaction. On the other hand, the bad outcome will spawn 3 instant enemies.

Bon VoyageEdit

  • Bigfoot will make faster friendship for children and dogs, and find it harder for cats.
  • Using Voodoo... Friendship interaction will make friendship boost for the target.
  • Mountain souvenirs will make faster relationship gain for friendly interactions, while Tropical souvenirs for romantic interactions.


  • The ultimate Aspiration Benefit for Popularity, Fast Friends will make quick boost for friendly interactions to any Sim.

Apartment LifeEdit

  • Doing correct gestures and telling correct stories to a corresponding Social Group Townie will make a relationship boost.
  • High reputation gives a daily and lifetime relationship boost for newly met Sims.
  • Casting Compello Acceptus to a Sim will compel him/her to accept the next 5 friendly interactions.
  • Casting Mactoamicus to someone towards particular Sim will make both Sims develop friendship easier.
  • Witch will make faster friendship for cats.

Group InteractionEdit

Group interactions allow multiple Sims to gain relationship boosts simultaneously without stopping shortly is a good way to earn relationship for multiple Sims at once. This is useful even for one target Sim because most of these interactions will only stop when directed. This is also a good way to be accepted in a Greek house, since a Sim requires sufficient relationship with multiple members, not to particular one, without having to befriend them.

  • Talking on the phone will keep Sims from talking until their social need is full. Additionally, multiple Sims can join the chat by using the second phone (by a Sim from the current household) or use the 3-Way Call aspiration benefit.[TS2:FT]
  • Hanging out is a great way for many Sims to talk continuously, and especially good for children who brings back their friend from school because they will keep hanging out until their parent picks them up.[TS2:U]
  • Playing kicky ball enables up to 4 Sims to join and build relationship together until one of them has had their fun need full.[TS2:U]
  • Playing water balloon and snowball is a good, but not efficient way to build group relationship. Sims will tend to stop if any of their fun need is full, and requires a large space to play.[TS2:S]
  • Telling a dragon legend will boost the listeners' relationship with the teller, but the story will eventually end.[TS2:BV]

The Sims 3Edit

Normal gameplayEdit

If you need fast friends, there are heaps of ways to get them. One of the ways you can use is buying the Office Hero lifetime reward and building up Charisma skill. Then, you will become friends with your co-workers very quickly, if you pick the socialization tone. This varies from career to career. Examples are "Chat at water cooler," "Discuss News with Co-Workers," etc. An easy way to get friends, with no effort on your part.

But the next way might be one of your favourites. Buy the Legendary Host lifetime reward, and meet some Sims. Then throw a party, inviting them. With Legendary Host, they will always come to the party, even if they hate you. Just invite the same Sims for a few consecutive parties, and watch the relationship values soar. Even if you mistreat them, they will still get a gain.

Playing a Guitar in public with a high skill will increase your relationship with anyone who watches, also an easy way to earn money.

Three easy ways to get friends, which are guaranteed not to mess up your game.

By cheatingEdit

Press Ctrl+Shift+C and type in testingcheatsenabled true. Then, on the friends tab, drag the friendship bar up or down. This can also be used for needs.

Press Ctrl+Shift+C and type in testingcheatsenabled true. Then right click on the mail box and click make friends for me or you can also click make me know everyone to know all the sims and pets (sims 3 pets required) in your neighborhood.

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