This tutorial is for The Sims 4 only.

The Sims 4 implemented a new system to make Sims more smart and interactive, called Emotions. Emotions allow Sims to react differently to certain events and unlock new interactions, and are affected by traits, Moodlets and in-game events and interactions with others. Below is a list of the emotions, and the simple ways to achieve them in-game.

Emotions ListEdit


Angry Emotion

Angry Sims have different Mean interactions, which will be more successful. Other Sims can try to Calm them Down, if they're not Angry themselves. The Angry emotion can be countered by performing Friendly interactions, taking a Cold Shower, Trying to Calm Down in the mirror or using a Punching Bag. It can evolve to Very Angry and then Enraged. Enraged Sims risk a death by cardiac attack.

Easiest way to achieve: Receiving unpleasant interactions from other Sims.

Example Moodlets:

  • Made a new enemy (Angry +2, 4hrs)
  • Participating in a rude conversation (Angry +1-3, 4-12hrs)


Asleep Emotion

Sims feel this emotion when the are sleeping or taking a nap. The "Sleeping Soundly" moodlet adds +10000 towards the emotion, overriding all others. Even if it overrides most of the emotions, having the "Really Has to Pee" moodlet will wake them up.

Easiest way to achieve: Go to sleep.

Example Moodlets:

  • Sleeping Soundly (Asleep +10000, until waking up)


Bored Emotion

A Sim can become bored through socialization, at random and if one of the two socialites repeats the same interaction a couple of times. It can also be randomly received at work, at school and when Spying on Neighbors.

Easiest way to achieve: Repeating an interaction 3 - 4 times in a conversation or reading a skill book of a lower skill level than what the Sim has.

Example Moodlets:

  • Dull Conversation (Bored +2, 4-12hrs)
  • Work/School Annoyance (Bored +2, 6hrs)


Confident Emotion

A confident Sim will be able to perform better at social interactions, and will be able to "Pee Like A Champion". Confidence is raised through many means, examples being drawing a masterpiece, cooking at a high cooking level, making a great sculpture/furniture at the woodworking table or winning a fight. It can evolve to Very Confident.

Easiest way to achieve: Brush Teeth in a mirror, winning a fight or successfully upgrading an object

Example Moodlets:

  • Won a Fight (Confident +2(+3 for Mean Sims), 4hrs)


Dazed Emotion

If a Sim becomes Dazed, he will have problems performing most interactions, and the easiest way to fix it is taking a nap, or taking a bath.

Easiest way to achieve: Lose a fight, electrocute the Sim or drink many cups of coffee.

Example Moodlets:

  • Rocket Crash (Dazed +4, 4hrs)
  • Lost a Fight (Dazed +3, 4hrs)


Embarrassed Emotion

An embarrassed Sim will feel awkward more easily in social situations, and risks death when reaching Mortified, the 3rd emotion level after Very Embarrassed. It can evolve to, as stated, Very Embarrassed and then Mortified.

Easiest way to achieve: Humiliating oneself in a discussion with many Sims present or walking in on another Sim bathing or using the toilet.

Example Moodlets:

  • Bladder Failure (Embarrassed +5, 4hrs)
  • Socially Awkward (Embarrassed +2, 4-12hrs, Loner-only Moodlet)


Energized Emotion

An energized Sim performs better in physical activities, has special interactions like doing Push-Ups and Sit-Ups, and can prepare Protein Plates, which bring an Energized moodlet themselves. It can evolve to Very Energized.

Easiest way to achieve: Take a Brisk Shower, jogging or drinking an energy drink.

Example Moodlets:

  • Protein Plate (Energized +2, 4hrs)
  • Given a Pep Talk (Energized +1, 4hrs)


Fine Emotion

A fine Sim won't have any perks of an emotion, and it's simply there to represent your Sim has no emotions at all. It is the default emotional state.

Easiest way to achieve: Make sure no moodlets are present.

Example Moodlets:

  • This emotion appears only when no moodlets are present.


Flirty Emotion

Flirty Sims will be more successful at anything Romantic, from flirting to WooHoo. It is best to achieve this emotion before attempting a date or a romantic meeting. It can evolve into Very Flirty.

Easiest way to achieve: Take a Steamy Shower, using Freshen Up on a mirror or successfully completing romantic interactions.

Example Moodlets:

  • Romantic Channel (Flirty +1, 4hrs)
  • Tried Outfits On (Flirty +1, 4hrs)


Focused Emotion

A focused Sim is better at anything required logic and mental work, like programming, repairing and participating in a Video Gaming tournament. It can evolve into Very Focused.

Easiest way to achieve: Browse Simpedia on a computer, play chess or look through a telescope.

Example Moodlets:

  • Browsed Simipedia (Focused +1, 4hrs)
  • Good Gaming Session (Focused +1, 4hrs)


Happy Emotion

A happy Sim is happy about their life, and will be able to socialize more friendly, with interaction like "Brighten Day". Happy moodlets contribute to any "good" emotion, like Focused, so try to keep as much happy moodlets stacked as possible! It can evolve into Very Happy.

Easiest way to achieve: Be in a decorated room, listen to music or eat a good meal.

Example Moodlets:

  • Beautifully Decorated (Happy +1-3, until leaving room)
  • Good Vibes (Happy +1, 2hrs)


Inspired Emotion

Being Inspired helps a Sim with cooking, writing and painting. They will perform better at those, and will produce better quality meals/books/paintings. It can evolve into Very Inspired.

Easiest way to achieve: Take a Thoughtful Shower, Browse Art on the computer or Gather Inspiration from any Art object (High-level Painters only).

Example Moodlets:

  • Thoughtful Shower (Inspired +1, 4hrs)
  • Inspiration Juices (Inspired +2, 4hrs)


Playful Emotion

A Playful Sim will be more about joking and having fun than working, and performing various activities can be hard while Playful. Funny interactions will be easier to perform. It can evolve into Very Playful, and then into Hysterical. Hysterical Sims run a risk of death if they continue with playful interactions.

Easiest way to achieve: Watch Comedy channel for ~30 minutes or take a bubble bath.

Example Moodlets:

  • Bubbles! (Playful +2, 4hrs)
  • What A Silly Face! (Playful +1, 2hrs)


Sad Emotion

A Sad Sim will walk slowly and overall perform more slowly than usual. Sims that are sad can Cry it Out or Call Sadness Hotline in order to boost themselves back up to a depression-free life. It can evolve to Very Sad. Contrary to rumors, Sims cannot die from being Very Sad/Depressed.

Easiest way to achieve: Deplete the Social motive.

Example Moodlets:

  • Lost a Family Member (Sad +2/+5, 2 days)
  • Lonely (Sad +1(+2 for Outgoing Sims), 14hrs)


Tense Emotion

Tense Sims will seek fun, and can Vent to other Sims. Tense can evolve into Very Tense. Tense Sims will refuse doing some tasks, and will autonomously watch TV/play games.

Easiest way to achieve: Deplete the Fun motive.

Example Moodlets:

  • Desperate for Fun (Tense +3, until Fun is raised)
  • Work-Related Name (Bugged Out for Tech Gurus, Overpainted for Painters, etc.) (Tense +1, 6-8hrs)


Uncomfortable Emotion

Sims who are Uncomfortable won't benefit from it, although they will be able to Complain about Problems. Uncomfortable usually appears when your Needs are low. It can evolve into Very Uncomfortable.

Easiest way to achieve: Allow the Sim's needs to deplete so that they achieve negative moodlets or use cheap furniture.

Example Moodlets:

  • Hungry (Uncomfortable +1, 24hrs)
  • Really has to Pee (Uncomfortable +40, 3hrs)

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