This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 3.

This is a guide for Gardening Sims to increase their mood and get lots of lifetime happiness points fast!

Required TraitsEdit

  • Gives Sims the "Feeling Lucky" moodlet every day when they have 4 or more hours of sleep. This will give a +5 mood boost, and also gives the Sim luck in everything they do. It lasts 23 hours; practically a mood boost for the entire day.
Green Thumb
  • Allows Sims to revive dead plants, extremely useful for gardeners.
  • Allows Sims to talk to plants, increasing their social need and increasing the plant's qualities.
  • The Sim gets a Gardening skill book in their inventory when you start the game.
  • All of the Sim's garden produce is high quality.
  • The Sim will learn the Gardening skill faster.
Loves The Outdoors
  • Gives a +15 mood boost when outside for 15 minutes, which should be often as the Sim gardens outside.
  • The Gardening and Fishing Skills are increased.
  • Gives 25% extra mood to all of the Sim's positive and negative moodlets.

Extra TraitsEdit

  • This trait is only available if The Sims 3: Ambitions is installed.
  • Sims shower 2.25 times (in a regular shower), or 1.5 times (in an all-in-one bathroom)[IP][MS][ITF] faster and receive the "Saving Water" moodlet
  • Sims receive the "Replenishing the Earth" moodlet while gardening

Required ItemsEdit

  • One expensive shower, because cheap showers can cause a negative "Cold Shower" moodlet, and expensive ones have a chance of giving the Sim the positive "Exhilarating Shower" moodlet.
  • One expensive bed, as cheap beds might cause the "Bad Night's Sleep" moodlet, and all other beds give the Sim the positive "Well Rested" moodlet.
  • One sprinkler, to water the plants just before and after growth, upgraded with the "Auto-Water" upgrade.[1]
  • If possible, a Flame Fruit.

Mood GuideEdit


  1. Wake up at 4 am. The Sim should have the "Feeling Lucky" moodlet, and the "Well Rested" moodlet.
  2. Quickly take an EXPENSIVE shower and brush the Sim's teeth. The Sim should have the "Squeaky Clean" and "Minty Breath" moodlets, and possibly the "Exhilarating Shower" moodlet. With the Eco-Friendly trait, Sims will have the "Saving Water" moodlet.
  3. Go Gardening. While the Sim gardens, they should receive the "One With Nature" moodlet, and "Replenishing the Earth" with the Eco-Friendly trait.
  4. Have a Flame Fruit in the Sim's inventory, if possible, for the "Cozy Fire" moodlet.
  5. As the Sim gardens, their amazing mood will give them Lifetime Happiness Points, every ~3-5 secs. Their Over-Emotional trait will increase their mood by 25%.


  • Feeling Lucky: +5 mood, +luck.
  • Well Rested: +10 mood for each + in the catalogue. Max 30 mood. Appears after waking up.
  • Squeaky Clean: +10 mood.
  • Minty Breath: +5 mood.
  • Exhilarating Shower: (possibly) +20 mood.
  • One With Nature: +15 mood.
  • Cozy Fire: +5 mood.
  • Saving Water[TS3:A]: +25 mood.
  • Replenishing the Earth[TS3:A]: +25 mood.

Max total: (assuming the Sim have the highest quality bed, the "Exhilarating Shower" moodlet, a Flame Fruit in their inventory and the Eco-Friendly trait) 140 mood

With the Over-Emotional trait: 175 mood

Other Scoring
  • Max total without the Eco-Friendly or Over-Emotional traits: 90 mood
  • Max total without the Eco-Friendly trait: 112 mood
  • Max total without the "Exhilarating Shower" moodlet or Eco-Friendly trait, but with the Over-Emotional trait: 100 mood

References Edit

  1. Have another Sim with the Handy trait adjust a sprinkler on the garden so that it activates from 4 am - 7 am, one hour before and after crops grow.

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