It is possible to create a rooftop garden if you have a balcony in The Sims 3. If you follow these steps carefully, you will have a rooftop garden in no time.



  1. Enable testingcheatsenabled true
  2. Enable restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false


Rooftop garden step one
  • Go into Edit Town mode while playing the game.

  • Choose the building which you'd like to build your rooftop garden.

  • Select the building of your choice, Evict the Sims and then click on Build/Buy.

  • Open the console (hold down Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard) and type testingcheatsenabled on then hit Enter.

  • Open the console and type restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false and then hit Enter.

  • Terrain Plants will not work in buildings, so you are going to have to get creative here. Go into Build Mode, then Floors & Ceilings and choose what you'd like to be the "dirt" or "grass" or whatever you choose for your garden.
Rooftop garden step two

  • Open your console again and Press Enter.

  • Go into Buy Mode then Sort by Function.

  • Click on ? button to go into debug. Then click on Gardening Plants & Seed Spawners.

  • Open your console and type moveobjects on.

  • Select the plants you want in your garden and place them in the area you've selected.

Your Sims are now able to enjoy a rooftop garden. Make sure to save your garden. You can also add other decorations to your garden if you wish too.

If the player has Into the Future installed, the garden lawn rug can be used to make gardens on the roof instead.

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