Ever wondered how the experts of simming created their families? Or how they kept their families going so it never got boring? Well here's how!


First we start in CAS (Create-a-Sim). You'll want to start with two Sims; a female and a male. Create them with totally different traits, except for one. For a successful couple they need to have at least one compatible trait. And if you have Late Night installed, make sure they have compatible signs. When doing relationships, make them married. When you get moved in to your house, and get it furnished, we will start our family. Be romantic, many many times. When the relationship bar says the other sim finds you alluring, go to bed and relax. Then try for a baby, or WooHoo if you don't want babies yet. Once they finish that, go apply for jobs. Now you can carry on the rest of your day, until your female Sim gets her belly. Now you must make her spend as much time a possible listening to kids music, and watching shows. If you want a specific sex for your child, eat one or more apples for a boy, or one or more watermelons for a girl. You can buy these at the grocery store. When your baby is born, take care of them as much as possible and keeps their needs satisfied. If you do this for every child they will be happy.

Now that your baby has aged up, into a toddler, you should spend as much time as possible teaching it things. Like walking, talking, and don't forget to potty train it.

Toddler-hood is over and here comes the school part of your children's lives. Get your child Sims up early in the morning to shower, use the toilet, and eat breakfast. Make sure they are happy with satisfied needs when the school bus picks them up. When they arrive home, make sure they complete any homework given to them and keep their grades up.

And finally one of the most exciting time of your Sims life. Being a teen. Have a party for them when they age up, and invite lots of Sims. Suggesting getting in a relationship right away, for an also most certain lifelong companion. Make sure your teen Sims complete their homework and keep their grades up as well.

And now ladies and gentle-sims, young adulthood! When your teenage Sim ages up age their boyfriend/girlfriend up as well. Get them their own room in the house. And ask them to move in. Do with them the same thing you did with their parents.

Now I will skip adulthood because it is purely the same as being a young adult. Apart from the unwanted wrinkles.

Elders, now they are a sad part of your Sims life because they will soon get a visit from, the grim reaper. But, because this is the last stage of theirs lives make sure to live it to the fullest. Go on several dates with their spouse and keep a good relationship with their kids and grand kids. But, as in real life, we all must come to an end. But, when elder Sims die, it starts a new beginning. A new beginning for the sons/daughters that were born along the way. Now I hope this page has helped you and thank you for reading! ;)