In The Sims 2, it is possible to let Sims not have body. This makes Sims appear only with their head, making their head look like it is floating.

Floating head

2 floating head sims

How to create a floating head Edit

  1. Type Ctrl+Shift+C and input "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" in the cheat bar, and press enter.
  2. Go to Create-a-Sim.
  3. Press Shift+N to enable CAS Debug mode. A notification should pop up to inform that the Debug mode is on.
  4. Choose Step 4: Clothing. Browse to the rightmost of the clothing options in full outfit / top and bottom. Choose an empty box that is located near the rightmost of the category.
  5. If done correctly, Sims should now have floating head with no body.

Important notes Edit

  • NEVER let the floating headed Sims get children. Because they have no genetics, the Sims' baby will miss genetics from either or both parents.
  • Preferably don't let floating head Sims marry. When floating headed Sims is engaged or married, they will have their rings floating in the air.
  • Only the Everyday clothing category has the invisible clothes. It may not be possible to do this in other clothing categories.