This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 2: Seasons.

The gables on the gable roofs included in The Sims 2 are, in the middle, high enough to serve as walls of a room. They look like walls, wall coverings can be applied to them, windows can be placed in them, etc. However, the game engine does not treat them as walls when deciding whether a room is open to the outside. Without Seasons, this means that objects which must be placed indoors cannot be placed in these rooms. With Seasons, it means that these rooms are considered to be exposed to the outside weather and temperature. This is an issue with the "Cape Cod Classic" and "Craftsman's Pride" that are found in the Lots and Houses bin. However, it is possible to fix the gables so they function as true walls.

Step-by-step instructionsEdit

Step One
Enter Build mode. Move or delete anything that is on the gables, then use the wall tool to remove the parts of the gables that are serving as the interior walls of rooms.
Step Two
Use the wall tool to add walls in the spaces left by removing those parts of the gables. This will leave a gap between the top of the walls and the roof.
Step Three
Go to the roof tool, select the type of gable roof that's in use (long or short), then select the roof texture that's in use. Without removing any part of the existing roof, carefully draw in a new roof that only covers the part of the roof above the gap. This should fill in the gap. Note that the presence of dormers, as in the Pleasant family's home in Pleasantview, may interfere with this.
Step Four
Apply wall covering, add (or replace) windows, wall lights and decorations, etc. as desired.