This is a tutorial for creating aliens in The Sims 3. Before The Sims 3: Seasons, it is possible to create a basic alien without using cheats or hacks.

The Sims 3Edit

As Create a Sim in The Sims 3 comes with a tool which lets you choose an exact skin tone, you can create an "alien" by making a Sim have green skin as well as various other alien features. If you want a "real" alien, follow this guide below:

Step 1: Cheat: First, press control-shift-C before entering Create a Sim, which opens the cheat console. Type in "unlockoutfits on." This enables you to make your alien have an "alien" costume.

Step 2: Basics: Next, enter Create a Sim and make them have light, but not too light, green skin. Also give them a name. Make their first name be either Pol Tech (Pollination Technician) or Colony Drone. For a last name pick a number. If you're creating a Pollination Technician make it a smaller number. For a Colony Drone, a bigger number. Next, adjust your alien's weight and muscularity. It is suggested to give them average weight and very high muscularity as aliens are "superhuman." Don't forget to pick their age (Young Adult life stage recommended).

Step 3: Hair: Thirdly, to make them look like a bald alien, make them be near-bald with green hair to match the skin. Of course, in rare cases, aliens have black hair. Facial hair is optional, but not recommended.

Step 4: Looks: After making your alien bald, it's time for a few facial features. Tweak your aliens' faces to make them have:

  • large eyes with black irises
  • small ears
  • a long, gaunt face
  • a small, flat nose
  • black hair (that is if your alien has hair)

Step 5: Clothing: Fifthly, give your alien garments. You can make them have normal clothes to make them fit in, or they could still be in their Colony Drone outfit or Pollination Technician jumpsuit (you'll find the extra outfits from the cheat you entered earlier).

Step 6: Personality and Lifetime: Now time to create their personality. Make them have an interesting or complex personality as they are obviously not normal compared to other Sims. Make them be artistic, ambitious, hydrophobic or something like that. Next, pick their Lifetime Wish. Make it be something adventurous like "Seasoned Traveller". Maybe they just want to fit in with the Sim crowd and be something different. Choose their voice. Make it sound like an alien.

Step 7: Family Ties: It is suggested that your alien lives alone to start off with. But if you want, you could create a fellow alien sibling or something. It's up to you.

Step 8: Bringing your alien into the neighborhood: When you're done, place your alien in a lot and do what you want with them. Their children will retain some of their appearance through genetics.

The Sims 4: Get To WorkEdit

In The Sims 4: Get to Work, Players can create aliens right from Create a Sim through a button next to Create a Sim. When selected it will bring up an Alien and there on you can change its skin tone through a unique shading of White, Purple, Green and Blue, Aliens can also wear futuristic and alien make up as well as Clothing in which Aliens can only wear the Alien suits. Many features available for human Sims aren't allowed for aliens in CAS such as hair, skin details, normal human clothing, glasses and other accessories. They only have 2 alien outfits available in 3 different colors. Alien-Sim hybrids, however, can be given anything a human sim can. Also in game, players can switch to the Alien's Disguise in which players can modify and change their disguised form at any time.