Phone rejections happen when Sims reject invitations or the call itself on the phone when other Sims are calling them. They lower the relationship between the Sims, and with them comes a rejection, often a rude one. This is a guide to avoid rejections via the phone.


First, the caller Sim must get to know the Sim they are inviting. This can be accomplished by chatting on the phone first. Once the relationship is over 20 daily relationship points, there is a chance that the other Sim will accept the invitation. If the Sim has under 5 points, there is an extremely high chance that the Sim will be given a rude rejection. Here is an example:

If my wanting to see you was on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd still say no.

If their relationship is positive but low, the Sim may not give a rude rejection, but will make an excuse to avoid coming over. Here is an example:

My psychic adviser has forbidden me from leaving the house today. I'm afraid I must comply.

Below is an example of such an event.

Drake has a crush on the pizza delivery girl, Jade, who he just met when he ordered pizza. The next day, he decides to give her a call and invite her over for coffee. Their relationship, however, is still at 0 and she obviously rejects him. In order to get to know her well, Drake must chat with her over the phone. Although off to another rocky start, the relationship goes on about pizza. After numerous phone calls, Jade decides to come over.

This is available only in The Sims: Hot Date, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. For those without Hot Date, it is not possible to chat with other Sims on the phone, as the only option is to invite them over. Therefore, it is better to simply wait for them to walk by, or, if you have House Party installed, you can throw a party and hope they show up.

Time of DayEdit

Before picking up the phone, it's a good idea to know what time of day they will be at work. Calling them when they're at work will cause an immediate rejection, though no relationship will be lost.

Sims (except Vampire Sims) will always reject every call between 3am to 7am. If a Sim calls them at this time, they will always respond, "Call back in the morning. I'm trying to sleep jerk!" or at best "Thanks for waking me up. Bye.", causing a slight drop in relationship. Also, Child Sims will reject any invitations past 6pm, teens past 12am, and adults past 2am[TS2]. Try calling them after 7am and maybe then they'll come over for a coffee and gossip. As for vampires, they will not be able to call during 7am to 6pm, during the sunlight. They will respond, "Aah, the sun burns! Sorry, can't talk right now", and will also cause a minor relationship drop.

In The Sims 4, all Sims will generally reject calls between 11 pm and 7 am.  However, the workaround for this is that a Sim hosts a social event, which can be done anytime of the day (this does not cover though Sims who are at work/school at the time the invitation is sent).  

List of RejectionsEdit

The rejections are broken up into rude and neutral.

Rude RejectionsEdit

  • If my wanting to see you was on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd still say no.
  • I'd rather play MyShuno with a pack of llamas.
  • Count me out. Really out.

Neutral RejectionsEdit

  • My psychic adviser has forbidden me from leaving the house today. I'm afraid I must comply.
  • Yeah... um. I'm making a Baked Alaska right now. Couldn't possibly tear myself away.