Cheating Sims

It can be shocking for your Sims to find their spouses cheating on them.

Let's say you want your Sim to cheat on their spouse, but don't want to go through the agonizing labor of fixing their relationship once they get caught. Here is a guide to avoid this and make repairing relationships as easy as possible!

Requires Edit

Steps Edit

Before cheating
  1. Raise both of the Sims lifetime relationships until it reaches "Best Friend Forever." This will ensure that the Sims will be less angry at each other once one of them cheats.
  2. Have both Sims study "Couple Counselling." This will allow them to choose "Repair relationship with..." when one of them cheats.
  3. Have both Sims study "Anger Management." This keeps them from getting angry after they are cheated on.
After cheating
  1. Have the cheater approach the Sim they cheated on, and click "Apologize."
  2. Click on them again and choose "Repair relationship with...". This will fix their relationship to the point where it can be easily mended.
  3. Keep doing positive social interactions until both Sims relationships are high again!
  4. Now, you may repeat the steps from after cheating as many times as you like!