Relationships are probably the most interesting part of Sims games. Here, you can learn how to maintain a constant relationship in The Sims 3. We can all admit that it's fun for a breakup once in a while, but when you're looking for a special someone, this information could help your Sims keep a healthy relationship.

Traits to HaveEdit

  1. Hopeless Romantic: This trait is probably the best trait to have: others will fall more easily for your Sim's romantic advances, and Hopeless Romantics wish to stay with their loved one forever, and have a less likely chance of cheating.
  2. Family-Oriented: Family Oriented Sims will often want to get married, and in the long run it will be easier to have kids. Family Oriented Sims are also less likely to break up.
  3. Good: Good Sims are faithful, and wouldn't think about breaking up unless they are in a bad relationship or instructed to.
  4. Flirty: Flirty Sims are better at flirting and stuff like that. It's often best to combine with Hopeless Romantic, as Flirty Sims will often flirt autonomously with other Sims, even when their significant other is present.
  5. Over-Emotional: Over-Emotional Sims will get a boosted positive reaction whenever they are interacted with positively, which could get you friends more easily.
  6. Friendly: Friendly Sims are better at getting friends, which is helpful when starting a relationship.
  7. Irresistible: Irresistible Sims have an easier time creating relationships, and an easier time flirting and doing romantic actions. They are also more likely to have romantic actions accepted.

Traits to AvoidEdit

  1. Commitment Issues: Need I say more?
  2. Unflirty: Unflirty Sims will often reject romantic advances, so unless your Sim is the one with it, then try to avoid.
  3. Grumpy: Grumpy Sims are often in "Too bad a mood to do this right now". They try to avoid romantic interactions (i.e. Gunther and Cornelia Goth).
  4. Shy: Shy Sims are often in a lesser mood when meeting new people, even at school or work. Having a non-shy sibling introduce the shy Sim to a potential partner can work.
  5. Good Sense of Humor: As confusing as this sounds due to the relationship boost by the use of jokes, they are more likely to use the flirtatious joke interaction autonomously with almost anyone since the trait's icon appears next to the interaction.

Jobs and ProfessionsEdit

  1. Firefighter: Firefighters have a unique "I'm a firefighter" romantic interaction, though be careful if said Firefighter has the Charismatic trait. Firefighters are also pretty cool because if they are an NPC, their children have a chance of getting the Pyromaniac or Immune To Fire hidden traits.

Lifetime RewardsEdit

  1. Master of Seduction: Assuming you can get the 15000 to spare, this ensures romantic socials will always succeed regardless of traits.
  2. Attractive: Combining this with the Charisma challenge Celebrity will net you instant friends, helpful for a starting boost.
  3. Never Dull: This one makes it so that repeating the same social will always succeed, similar to the Charismatic trait.

Hope this helps! Try it, you might be surprised... Maybe you'll get a date or two for the movies!