This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 2.

This tutorial shows how to teach a toddler all three skills quickly for The Sims 2. It uses testingcheatsenabled and other cheats.

  1. At least one toddler.
  2. At least one Sim, aged teen or older, preferably one who is related to the toddler (e.g. parent, grandparent, older brother or sister), who has at least 7,500 aspiration points.
  3. Probably a coffee maker; training tots is tiring (for the Sim, not you!)

Ignore steps 4-14 and 16-18 if the toddler's bladder need is already medium or low.

  1. Get the older Sim's aspiration up to at least gold.
  2. Get the aspiration reward Pasteur's HomoGenius Smart Milk.
  3. Have the older Sim make Smart Milk for the toddler.
  4. Type "Ctrl-Shift-C."
  5. Type boolProp testingcheatsenabled true into the box that pops up and press the enter key. Press Esc to hide the box.
  6. Press and hold shift.
  7. Click on the toddler, still pressing shift.
  8. Click "Spawn..."
  9. Keep clicking "More..." until you see "Sim Modder."
  10. Click "Sim Modder" and a baby standing up should appear (don't worry, it isn't really a baby).
  11. Click the baby.
  12. Click "Motives..."
  13. Click "Me(Toddler's Name)..." (if the tot's name is Rachel, you'll see "Me(Rachel)...")
  14. Click "Bladder..." and then "MID."
  15. Potty train the toddler.
  16. Sell the Sim Modder in buy/build mode.
  17. Type "Ctrl-Shift-C" again.
  18. Type boolProp testingcheatsenabled false and press enter. That turns off the cheat from before. This is strongly recommended for new players and for those who are not familiar with the cheat.
  19. Type "Ctrl-Shift-C" again.
  20. Type maxmotives and press enter.
  21. Type motivedecay off and press enter.
  22. Put the game on the highest speed.
  23. Teach the toddler to walk and talk.
  24. Type "Ctrl-Shift-C" again.
  25. Type motivedecay on and press enter. This reverses the cheat from before.

Your toddler will have all it's motives all the way up (for now), and it will have been trained for everything it needs!

Without cheats: 1. Save up aspiration points until you can afford smart milk. 2. Give the toddler smartmilk. Teach skills until smart milk wears off. 3. Repeat until all skills are taught.

Disclaimer Edit

Originally written by Kate. If you have any questions for her, or just want to thank her for this, feel free to message her.