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A Sim tending to her garden

Gardening is a skill included in The Sims 4. It primarily focuses on a Sim's ability to grow different types of plants. The plants grown through gardening can be sold or in some cases used in recipes.


Gardening skill is mainly built by tending various garden plants. To do so, the player must purchase seeds or have a Sim harvest wild plants and plant them. Then, the plants must be regularly watered, weeded and eventually harvested. Sims may also read a Gardening skill book, and the unlocked abilities to "Research Gardening" and "Talk to Plants" will also build Gardening Skill.

Abilities Edit

Level Ability Interaction
2 Research Gardening Computer interaction
3 Fertilize garden Plant interaction
4 Talk to plants Plant interaction
5 Take cutting Plant interaction
5 Grafting Plant interaction
6 Other Sims may compliment your garden Social interaction
8 Ability to spend §50 to re-grow a Bonsai Tree in order to re-shape it Bonsai interaction
9 Water plants and weed faster Plant interaction
10 Buy Farmer's Seed Packets Computer interaction

Plants Edit

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There are 33 Plants that can be collected, (46 with every Expansion Pack) and they are collected through finding them in the wild or Grafting them together to earn rare specimens.

Image Plant Name Rarity Value (in §) Growth Grafting Combo EP
Basil (TS4)
Basil Common 3 24h &BG
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Daisy (TS4)
Daisy Common 3 24h &BG
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Spinach (TS4)
Spinach Common 3 24h &BG
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Mushroom (TS4)
Mushroom Common 4 24h &BG
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Sage (TS4)
Sage Common 5 24h &BG
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Parsley (TS4)
Parsley Common 5 24h Sage + Basil &BG
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Carrot (TS4)
Carrot Common 8 24h &BG
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Chrysanthemum (TS4)
Chrysanthemum Common 11 36h &BG
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Blue Bells (TS4)
Blue Bells Common 11 36h &BG
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Lemon (TS4)
Lemon Common 12 60h &BG
TS4 Icon
Apple (TS4)
Apple Common 13 36h &BG
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Snapdragon (TS4)
Snapdragon Common 13 36h &BG
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Plantain (TS4)
Plantain Common 16 72h Pear + Lemon &BG
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Grapes (TS4)
Grapes Common 33 48h Blue Bells + Strawberry &BG
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Strawberry (TS4)
Strawberry Uncommon 8 24h &BG
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Potato (TS4)
Potato Uncommon 10 24h &BG
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Tulip (TS4)
Tulip Uncommon 11 36h &BG
TS4 Icon
Tomato Uncommon 12 24h &BG
TS4 Icon
Pear (TS4)
Pear Uncommon 14 60h &BG
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Onion (TS4)
Onion Uncommon 14 48h &BG
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Cherry (TS4)
Cherry Uncommon 15 60h &BG
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Rose (TS4)
Rose Uncommon 18 48h &BG
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Lily (TS4)
Lily Uncommon 18 36h &BG
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Cowplant Berry (TS4)
Cow Berry Rare 24h Dragonfruit + Snapdragon &BG
TS4 Icon
Death Flower (TS4)
Death Flower Rare 1 48h Orchid + Pomegranate &BG
TS4 Icon
Trash Fruit (TS4)
Trash Fruit Rare 4 24h Leave trash lying on the ground, it will plant itself after about a day. &BG
TS4 Icon
Bird of Paradise Rare 10 36h Tulip + Chrysanthemum &BG
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Bonsai Buds (TS4)
Bonsai Buds Rare 10 24h Daisy + Strawberry or

Grapes + Rose

TS4 Icon
Pomengranate (TS4)
Pomegranate Rare 18 72h Apple + Cherry &BG
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Orchid (TS4)
Orchid Rare 22 36h Lily + Snapdragon &BG
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Blackberries (TS4)
Blackberry Rare 55 96h &BG
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Dragonfruit (TS4)
Dragonfruit Rare 80 96h Strawberry + Snapdragon &BG
TS4 Icon
Unidentified Fruit Object (TS4)
U.F.O. Rare 120 112h Obtained by exploring space in a rocket. &BG
TS4 Icon
Growfruit Obtained from Jasmine Holiday or randomly spawns in Willow Creek or Newcrest &BG
TS4 Icon
Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim Obtained from exploring the Magical Bean Portal Tree &BG
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Elderberry (TS4)
Elderberry Common 6 18h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Noxious Elderberry (TS4)
Noxious Elderberry Common 7 18h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Chamomile (TS4)
Chamomile Common 14 24h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Toxic Chamomile (TS4)
Toxic Chamomile Common 15 24h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Huckleberry (TS4)
Huckleberry Uncommon 8 18h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Muckleberry (TS4)
Muckleberry Uncommon 9 18h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Poison Fireleaf (TS4)
Poison Fireleaf Uncommon 11 18h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Fireleaf (TS4)
Fireleaf Uncommon 13 18h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Morel Mushroom (TS4)
Morel Mushroom Rare 17 24h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
False Morel Mushroom (TS4)
False Morel Mushroom Rare 19 24h &GP01
TS4OR Icon
Fang Flower 50 120h &EP01
Glow Orb (TS4)
Glow Orb 100 100h &EP01
Quill Fruit (TS4)
Quill Fruit 100 80h &EP01
Garlic (TS4)
Garlic Uncommon 2 &GP04
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Plasma Fruit (TS4)
Plasma Fruit Uncommon 4 &GP04
The Sims 4 Vampires Icon
Wolfsbane (TS4)
Wolfsbane Uncommon 6 &GP04
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Seed Packets Edit

Image Seed Packet Name Price Contains EP
Starter Flowers §35 Blue Bells, Chrysanthemum, Daisy &BG
TS4 Icon
Starter Fruits §35 Apple, Grapes, Plantain, Strawberry &BG
TS4 Icon
Starter Herbs §35 Basil, Parsley &BG
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Starter Vegetables §35 Carrot, Mushroom, Spinach &BG
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