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For the career with similar name, see Gatherer (career).
Trait Gatherer
Gatherer is a mental trait introduced with The Sims 3: Supernatural.

If you can pick it, plant it, or catch it, then a Gatherer is the right Sim for the job. Gatherers are especially talented at finding ingredients out in the world, and they produce the finest crops. They even achieve better results when working with rare materials like ore and gemstones!


  • Gatherers have 10% higher chance at successfully catching an insect, and 5% of having the insect value higher.
  • Seeds planted by Gatherers increase by 45%.
  • Space rocks analyzed by Gatherers will have higher value.
  • Metals smelted and gems cut by Gatherers will have higher value.
  • Collectibles hunted by a werewolf with Gatherer trait will have higher value.
  • Gatherers have 30% chance of harvesting 2 extra produce of a plant.

Player NotesEdit

  • When Gatherers are on the same lot with a spawner, there's a 20% chance the spawner will spawn a harvestable.

Premade GatherersEdit

Sammy Dhupam, Chester Swain, Baylee Howler

See also: Category:Gatherers

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