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A gig is a feature introduced in The Sims 3: Late Night. It is also a feature in The Sims 3: Showtime,[1] which adds a larger content than Late Night.

The Sims 3: Late NightEdit

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Gigs are introduced as opportunities to bands. One of the band members will receive a phone call from their agent saying about a specific gig and the location. According to Carl's Sims 3 Guide, there is a progression of gigs, thus gigs are not randomly given to band members.

Band gigs can occur in bars or lounges. A bar or lounge requires some band instruments in order to be able to work as a band gig venue. However, Sims can also bring their own instruments in the venue.

During the day of the gig, one of the band member can click on the gig venue and an interaction show up as "Go to Gig". Once it is selected, the band members should be automatically going to the gig venue. When they are in the gig venue, one of the band member who received the opportunity can go to an instrument and play it (the interaction is unknown yet). The band members will go their selected instrument automatically. The band should be playing the gig.


  • It is good if all members in a band are self-employed as Band, which helps increase their career performance once their gig is finished.
  • It is also good that if there are more band members in a household, they will have more chance of getting phone calls to get more gigs.
  • If one of the band member complete the "Gig Master" challenge, the band will earn more Simoleons.

The Sims 3: ShowtimeEdit

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There is more content in Showtime, focusing on the careers in it.

After a Sim joins any of the three careers, which are Acrobat, Magician and Singer, they can start auditioning for gigs at local venues, bistros, coffeehouses and parks to gain experience. If they have more experience, they will have a better chance of landing more gigs.


They audition their acts to Proprietors in different venues. Proprietors are marked with an orange icon in Map View. They can choose any proprietor to audition for. Some proprietors are only available certain times, but they can visit the venue of the proprietor by clicking the venue and selecting the interaction "Summon Proprietor".

Once the Sim has auditioned to the proprietor, they will be informed on whether or not they have a chance to perform the gig. They are likely to get small-time gigs immediately, but some proprietors will think that "they don't have what it takes for the location", thus they will not get the gig from them.

As they progress in their Showtime career and start to get noticed by the proprietors, they may receive a proposed or a steady gig. Steady gigs will allow them to perform at a specific venue on a steady basis while proposed gigs are offered to them when they are being noticed. Usually, proposed gigs can turn into steady gigs. Proposed gigs are normally offered to Sims in a Showtime career at level 4 and higher.


Showtime career Sims get a Gig Schedule. It is located on the Career tab in their UI. The schedule shows all the gigs they are to perform. Steady gigs are checked on while others are checked off. Gig schedules are categorised in Location, Day, Start time, End time and Steady gigs.

Showtime career Sims can have many gigs as long as they do not interfere with the timing and day of other already accepted gigs. Gigs can be canceled anytime by clicking the gig venue and selecting the interaction "Cancel (Steady) Gig".


  • It is good for Showtime career Sims to practice their acts with the available interactions before they audition to gain experience and one day see whether they will get accepted by the proprietors.
  • Practice before going to a gig.

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