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There is a picture of him holding one of his alien daughters, the other one on the floor, and Glabe Curious crying. However, he is pregnant. Who is he pregnant with?


  • Maybe it was triplets but after they had the second one he died then he was resurected and brought back to life.
  • He may have been pregnant with an alien again due to boolprop but aged into an elder first so no more baby.Also the reason he had four children besides that because elder males can get female adults pregnant. I don't pay attention to the memories so if Glarn and Kitty died at the same time once he turned into an elder they realized that he could have many more children so they used the Sim Modder to make him an adult again. It's complicated.
  • Maybe he was meant to have more alien children, or it may be Chloe Singles, as she is much younger than her twin. If it is Chloe, the other baby's identity is a mystery. Or it may be that Glarn's pregnancy is just a mesh as Olivia Monty's. It may also be that in the original game, before it was released, pregnant Sims would still have belly until a time after, as it's something that usually happens in the real life. Maybe he didn't want to leave his alien daughters, but Glabe divorced him and he left the home, so she had to take care of Lola and Chloe, as she couldn't send them with their father. --Elviralapida
  • I think they were going to include triplets and miscarriages but decided not to. Glarn was pregnant with Lola and Chloe's dead triplet and he just realized that he miscarried, which is why Glabe was crying. Sparrowsong 22:36, January 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • It could just be that to make the picture more real he gave birth in the maternity outfit and stayed in it until he changed! or because of weird alien powers one of the shown babies teleported to pascal's belly there for being the real twin and almost always a girl. Then Chole is the one inside Glarn. Jonathan Simpson (May 30,2010)
  • I think he just had a baby bump. Still [As many people said above], maybe the original game let Sims that were pregnant have a baby bump until a day after the baby[ies] were born.
  • Maybe it's Johnny Smith, but Glarn kept feeding little baby Johnny the elixr of life and while Johnny was still a baby Glarn died then BAM! Johnny is a Curious/Smith
  • I think he is just fat and wearing the materinity clothes.
  • In this photo Glarn is pregnant with Chloe while the babies are Lola and some other kid taken away by the social worker.
  • ^But Lola would've been taken,too, if the other kid had. We can clearly see that she was not. I agree with Elviralapida, I believe the pregnancy in this 'ticular photo is a mesh, and that they fixed it in later photos. I don't agree with the divorcing part, I think Glarn's half-alien children were to him, an embarassment, so he divorced Glabe, who was left to raise her ex's kids alone. Then he married Kitty and had 4 normal children with her, now known commonly as the Curious brothers and their sister. (Psst... I think that Glabe died in a fyah. I just think so :P.) FwenchFwies15
  • It's just an error! Bakerychaz (talk page) 13:51, June 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • Shortly after Glarn gave birth some EA worker accidently got him impregnated again, so it was the day before Chloe and Lola's transformation into a toddler and the obviously didn't include miscarriges so they had to take the picture.
  • If think that Maxis used cheats and made Glarn look like he was pregnant! But, if we look closely, Glarn still has a big bump in his belly, possibly meaning he was fat when Maxis changed his clothes!
  • I think EA was going to make us Simmers be able to have Triplets withou cheats/hacks, so they made sure Glarn gave birth the Triplets, but they just scrapped the idea of Triplets before they released the game, and they didn't notice that they had a photo of Glarn with the baby bump when Chole and Lola were born already.
  • I think Glarn had triplets and the third baby third grew up into a teen and Lola and Chloe had no memory of third growing up anyway the grew up and third moved out and died in the house.
  • Glarn Curious was impreginated by PT9 (Pollination Technican 9) He gave birth to Chloe and Lola Singles so basically he was pregnant with Pollination Technican 9...
  • Once there was a swamp named Twinbrook, in this swamp lived a couple of mulatto descent, they were called Notzo and Zo Curious. Notzo and Zo had a kid named Glarn, and during a vacation, a poor Irish girl named Glabe infiltrated into their boat. Glarn and Glabe were friends and grew up together, they moved in Strangetown to find the aliens, and met a girl named Kitty Hogleg. Glabe and Kitty had Jenny when they were still teens. Then they had woohoo 3 other times, and Pascal, Lazlo, and Vidcund were born. The aliens crashed, and Jenny got to meet PT9. PT9 also impregnated Glarn because he (Glarn) wanted alien children. Glarn had Chloe and Lola, while Jenny had Johnny and Jill. In this pic Glabe is just crying because she knows birth is pain, due to her angsty past. On the floor here are Lola and Chloe, who have different life spans due to one of them being more alien. Glarn instead of being pregnant is just absorbing alien powers. When Glarn died of misterious circostances, Glabe raised Lola and Chloe alone. Chloe also dyes her hair to look more like Glabe and less like Lola, its naturally black.