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"Glutton" redirects here. For a fatal flaw in The Sims Medieval, see Glutton (The Sims Medieval).
Trait TS4 Glutton
Glutton is a lifestyle trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. It conflicts with the Foodie and Squeamish traits.

"These Sims have a greater negative reaction to Hunger, always enjoy eating, no matter the quality of the food, and will eat Spoiled Food."


  • Sims with this trait will eat almost anything and get the stronger "Famished" moodlet when other Sims would be "Hungry".
  • They also have the ability to get food from trash cans (which is especially useful in "rags to riches" player challenges).
  • They also tend to eat autonomously even if their Hunger motive is high, resulting in getting fat.

Glutton SimsEdit

Eric Lewis

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