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Not to be confused with Good (The Sims Medieval).
Trait Good
Good is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Evil trait, and is available from birth.

Good Sims go out of their way to help friends and family in need, are charitable with their money and frequently comfort those around them.


  • Good Sims don't generally consider performing mean interactions on other Sims.
  • Good Sims will not have negative reactions to social interactions as often as other Sims.
  • Good Sims will boo other Sims who work as an Emperor of Evil, the top level of the Criminal career's Evil branch.

Special InteractionsEdit

  • Good Sims can donate to charities once a day through the mailbox.
  • Good Sims can brighten day to other Sims, and give them the "Brightened Day" moodlet.
  • Good Sims can take a delightful bubble bath and practice speech for world peace at the mirror.

Player NotesEdit

Special MoodletsEdit

Image Moodlet Name Notes
Charitable Charitable Good Sims will receive this moodlet by donating to charities.
Brightened Day Brightened Day Other Sims who receive the "Brighten Day" interaction from Good Sims will receive this moodlet.
Everyday Im Rustlin Everyday I'm Rustlin Good Sims who don't return a borrowed horse later than 11 PM will get a negative moodlet instead of neutral with -30 mood.

Premade Good SimsEdit

Holly Alto, Bebe Hart, River McIrish

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