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Trait Good Sense of Humor
Good Sense of Humor is a social trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with No Sense of Humor. On the Nintendo DS version of the game, this trait is known as Witty.

Sims with a good sense of humor tell the best jokes that never fall flat or fail to entertain.


  • A Sim with a good sense of humor makes other Sims laugh more.
  • A Sim will be more receptive to others' jokes.
  • A Sim's jokes strengthen relationships more than normal.
  • Sims will have a greater starting relationship with other Sims.
  • The Sim has more humor actions available under "Good Sense of Humor".
  • The Sim will react positively to pranks pulled on them.
  • The Sim will be able to write better humor books.
  • The Sim will autonomously use humorous interactions more often.

Player notesEdit

Sims with a good sense of humorEdit

Erik Darling, Emma Hatch, Geoffrey Landgraab.

See Category:Sims with a good sense of humor

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