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The Goth home is the house in which the Goth family lives. Since the Goth family has appeared in many series of The Sims, the Goth home has been featured many times in different places, as the Goths have changed towns several times. Therefore, the Goth home is always different in each series of the game.

The SimsEdit

For Gunther and Cornelia Goth's home in The Sims: Unleashed, see 77 Maple Street.

5 Sim LaneEdit


Number 5 Sim Lane

In The Sims, Bella, Mortimer,and their young child Cassandra live in a small two-story house with a graveyard in the back. On the first floor is a small master bedroom, a bathroom, the kitchen, and a small living area. The bathroom contains a Sani-Queen Bathtub, and access to it is through the kitchen. The living area contains a loveseat, a bookshelf, an aquarium, and a piano. There is a "porch" in front, and a patio in the back. There is a large dining table on the patio. The top floor only covers part of the first floor, and has one room with a dollhouse, a toybox, an easel and a bed for Cassandra.

Mortimer's memories in The Sims 2 show red Fire! and "Burned food" icons, which indicates that Mortimer might have accidentally burned down the original Goth Estate. This may also have been the fire that killed Cornelia and Gunther Goth, possibly explaining why Mortimer chose to move away after the fire, instead of building a new house on the same lot, which he had adequate funds to do. The house is worth around 44,000 simoleons.

There is speculation that the graves may have been destroyed in the fire or in its aftermath, but nothing definite is known.

5 Sim AvenueEdit

Goth Home in Console

5 Sim Avenue

This is where Mortimer Goth, Bella Goth and Cassandra Goth live in the console version of The Sims. It has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, passage, two bedrooms, and a backyard. It is painted with black wood shingles on the outside, blue wallpaper in the living room and kitchen, white decor in the bathroom and wood paneling in the bedrooms. The flooring is Berber carpet on the outside, gray shale in the living room and kitchen, wood in the extra passage, and white linoleum in the bathroom. The plot also features a graveyard in the back yard, which has 7 tombstones. When a family is placed in 1 and/or 6 Sim Avenue, they will come to visit.

Goth ManorEdit

The Goths are still around and they're in an even creepier haunted Victorian. Complete with a graveyard in the backyard and some Mutant plants, Goth Manor is the spot for ghost hunters and inventors.

This haunted house from The Sims Bustin' Out is owned by none other than Mortimer and Bella Goth (their daughter Cassandra is notably absent from this game.) The house's perimeter is dotted with gravestones. The interior, from the chandeliers to the large synthesizer, is furnished with a spooky feel. You are to buy 1000 simoleons worth of things for the Goths, who were not spared by Malcolm. Their skeletal display and seance table were taken.

The Goths want you to find the fern stolen from them. It's hiding somewhere in the desert trailer around the broken car in Dudley's Trailer.

Bella in a seance

Mortimer and Bella are bothered by the ghosts that come out nearly every night after 10 pm (usually around midnight to 4 am), and want you to exorcise the ghosts (hold a seance) by "contacting spirits" with a crystal ball. You need to do this twice, and it has to be during nighttime. Your main Sim doesn't have to be the one doing this, especially since this can only be done at night and you are unlikely to want to disturb your Sim's beauty sleep. Instead, you might want to wake Mortimer/Bella up just for this.

At this level, you can only control either Mortimer or Bella. The two career promotions available in Goth Manor are in the Movie Star (Horror Movie Extra and Soap Opera Star) and Mad Scientist (Virus Breeder and Chemist) career tracks.

You also need to befriend either Mortimer or Bella. It is recommended you keep a Goth as a family friend for as long as you can, especially since their house and friendship are important in fulfilling future goals.

Since this house only has one floor, it is possible, though not certain, that it was built before the house in The Sims.

It costs around 65,000 simoleons.

165 Sim Lane (The Sims 2)Edit

165 Sim Lane

In The Sims 2, Mortimer is a retired elder who lives with his engaged daughter Cassandra, and his younger child, son Alexander. His wife, Bella, has been abducted by aliens and never reappeared, though she is rumored to have been seen in Strangetown. After the original estate burned down, Mortimer built a larger estate that would fit his complete family. On the first floor, there is an entry hall with some plants, wall candelabras, and a piano. A guest bathroom is also there, along with a fancy living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. On the second floor, there is a large master bedroom with a portrait of Bella over the bed, and a desk for Mortimer's work - and sometimes Alexander's homework. Cassandra's and Alexander's bedrooms are across the hall. Alexander's bedroom has child's things, but the carpeting and wallpaper is slightly Gothic. There are two bathrooms, and though considered separate, they are connected. The new third floor is similar to an attic, with an easel. The fourth floor is a patio deck with an expensive telescope. There is a porch on the front. The cemetery seems unchanged. However, rather than being on the right side of the lot as originally seen, it is now on the left. On the right side, there are two small patches of flowers, which may have been intended as grave sites for Mortimer and Bella. The house and its furnishings is worth around §124,000.


  • In The Sims 3: Ambitions, there is a miniature model version of this home, which can be found in the buydebug mode. It is graphically simplistic, but can be identified by the shape of the model house, the position of the windows, and a miniature graveyard where it should be.
  • This home may be a reference to the Addams Family mansion.

13 Skyborough Blvd (The Sims 3)Edit

The Goth Home(Big)

The Goth home seen at the Sunset Valley Cemetery

In The Sims 3 the Goths live in Goth Manor, a large house by the Pleasant Rest Cemetery in Sunset Valley. However, the Goths have their own family graveyard, as seen in the pictures below. The first floor includes a large kitchen, a chess area, a dining room, a bathroom, a foyer and a large living room. The second floor features Gunther and Cornelia's bedroom, two bathrooms, Mortimer's bedroom, a guest room and a study. The third floor is an attic, and the fourth is a tower and roof terrace. Grey siding and dead trees on the property give the house an aged look, bringing out that the mansion was the very first house in Sunset Valley. Dark wood work throughout the house gives it the Gothic feel. Some people believe the back "greenhouse" was once an indoor pool. It is possible, though speculative, that this house was the original estate that Mortimer Goth burned down.

Description: The Goths have lived in town since time immemorial. The aura of gloom from the nearby cemetery suits them, but can a young boy named Mortimer grow up to be well-adjusted in such a place?

Goth Manor: (3br 3ba)

"Antiquated Victorian elegance has been preserved exquisitely in this landmark home. The first home built in this town, Goth Manor presides over the town and is located in convenient proximity to the local graveyard."

Size: 60 x 60

13 Skyborough Blvd GalleryEdit

Graveyard Edit

Each of first three PC games, plus all the console editions, have shown ghosts haunting the mansions and scaring the inhabitants, even though the ghosts are deceased relatives and ancestors of the inhabitants.

In The Sims, the Goth home had eight ghosts, which consists of:

In The Sims Unleashed, the home of Gunther Goth and Cornelia Goth had a graveyard too, but it had no ghosts.

In The Sims 2, the old graveyards in the Goth home may have burned in the fire, or something else may have happened to them; there are only six gravestones, and none are any of the ones that are seen in The Sims. Here are a list of Sims buried in the new Goth graveyard:

It is notable that the graves of Frida Goth and Prudence Crumplebottom do not appear on the lot, even though they exist as game files, and Prudence appears as a ghost in The Sims 3. This could have been a mistake by the creators.

In The Sims 3, they still own a graveyard, but there are only 5 graves in it (Agnes Crumplebottom is still alive and well). Here is a list of who is buried there:


  • Aside from graveyards, most variations of the Goth home have something else in common: rarely, if ever, does the Goth home have a TV, stereo, or computer. Considering the Goth family's reputation for being well off, they should have more than enough Simoleons to buy these things, and it is plausible that the Goth family is too old-fashioned to make such investments. Instead, it seems that the Goth family members choose to be entertained by painting, playing piano or chess, or reading. It is often said that the reason for this is because Lolita Goth died of electrocution, so Gunther or Victor could've banned them.

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