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Guild Enemy

Shopping has never been so unpleasant. Guild Enemy Sims will literally pay a price for not choosing their enemies wisely.

Guild Enemy is a Fatal Flaw included with the adventure pack The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles. Sims afflicted with this trait pay far higher prices at the Village Shoppe, unless they go to the non-Guild shoppe, which has fewer and lower quality supplies. It conflicts with the Entitled and Haggler traits.


  • This Fatal Flaw cannot be transformed into a Legendary Trait via the Fountain of Legend quest making it a poor choice for the Bard, Jacoban Priest, Peteran Priest, or Physician who can then only get a Legendary Trait via the Fisherman's Challenge quest, and then only if they have the Whale Ate My Parents trait.
  • Children are very useful to Heroes with this trait as they can be sent shopping to avoid the higher prices at the Village Shoppe.

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