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Hans' Trap Door Corp
Hans' Trap Door Corp 1
Lot type Community
Value §142,251
Lot size 20x30
Neighborhood Downtown (The Sims 2)
Game The Sims 2: Nightlife

Building Trap Doors since 1987. Hans' Trap Door Corp has had many recent complaints of missing employees in the prototype department. Watch your step while visiting!

Hans' Trap Door Corp is a clothing store lot in Downtown, the neighborhood from The Sims 2: Nightlife. It has a classy environment and décor.

This lot has unique architecture. There are flower bushes planted on the outer foundation, with soil flooring beneath. It's also the tallest building in Downtown, but only the first floor is accessible. Behind the cashier, there are 4 doors that lead to a small room, which connects to the back door. The middle doors lead to "trap doors", which inspires the lot's name, Hans' Trap Door Corp, as well as the written lot description about employees going missing in the trap holes. In practice, Sims cannot actually get stuck in the traps, but will simply walk in the hole.