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Hero Sims are the controllable characters of The Sims Medieval.

As Hero Sims are profession-based, they can only be created (or selected, in case of premade Sims) by the player if the Kingdom has a building for the Hero Sim to work in. E.g., the player can only create (or select) a Monarch in the castle, or create/select a Bard in the tavern.

There are ten professions of hero sims.

Hero professions Edit

All the professions have some actions in common. They can gather common herbs, fish, cook, play cards, shop and play kingball, among others.

Some professions share actions. For example, Monarchs, Spies and Knights share the ability to duel; Wizards and Physicians share the ability to gather all herbs; and so on.

Finally, there are some actions tied to the profession the Sim has and no other Hero can do them. For example, Monarchs can have people be arrested and executed; Bards can write poems and sing them; and so on.

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