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A hospital is a rabbit hole in The Sims 3 and a community lot in The Sims 4: Get to Work.

The Sims 3Edit

If pregnant Sims don't want to give birth at home, they will go to the hospital when it's time to deliver their baby.

This is where Sims can get a job in the Medical Career or get medical advice, for a fee.

This is one of the properties players can partner with and own in The Sims 3 and gives the biggest long-term payoff from revenue.

Hospitals generate the following red map tag in-game:

Hospital Tag


Some expansions have increased the functions of the hospital.

  • Sims having a Midlife crisis[TS3:G] can go to the hospital to Get Therapy, which cures the crisis.
  • With Pets, Sims can undergo plastic surgery at the Hospital, which allows players to change Sim's bodies or faces.
  • With Seasons, sims can get a flu or an allergy shot from the hospital.
  • If Into the Future is installed, sims can engineer a baby at the Oasis Landing's hospital for §5000. Baby's DNA can either be customized or randomized. With customization, the baby's gender, hair color, eye color, and traits can be chosen before the baby's birth.
  • If a Sim has the Unstable[TS3:ITF] trait, they can be admitted for instability, which will prevent their traits from randomly changing.
  • Time paradox sickness[TS3:ITF], which can cause sims to die, can also be cured at the hospital.
  • If Late Night or Supernatural is installed, vampires can raid the hospital for plasma plucks, but they have a chance of getting arrested if they do.




  • The Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital is probably a reference to Sacred Heart from the TV show Scrubs.
  • Inside the Cure-All Collective, when viewed with cameraman mode, players can enter the janitor room with the door left ajar. Inside the janitor room, there's a mop, a broom, a bucket, a shovel, and a bear rug on the wall. There's also a cage, a freezer bunny doll, a picnic basket, and two aces on the shelf.

The Sims 4 Edit

In The Sims 4: Get to Work, only Sims who work in the Medical career and pregnant Sims (with up to one companion) have access to the hospital.