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For the trait in The Sims 4, see Trait (The Sims 4)#Emotional Traits.
Trait Hot-Headed
Hot-Headed is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Grumpy trait.

Hot headed Sims are quick to anger. Broken household items, conversations gone awry or even the slightest negative moodlet will all send them into a boiling rage.


  • Hot-Headed Sims will bypass getting sad or uncomfortable and just get really mad.
  • Objects breaking, other Sims not being nice and other negative moodlets can enrage this Sim.
  • Hot-Headed Sims will react badly to negative social interactions.
  • This trait provides a bonus to Sims writing in the satire genre.
  • Hot-Headed Sims will sometimes take their anger out on other Sims.

Player notesEdit

  • Negative moodlets on the Sim related to anger are 50% more effective.
  • Sims with the Hot-Headed trait will become "Very Angry" with the other Sim right away if the other Sim performs a Mean interaction with them, as opposed to thinking the other Sim is "Impolite", "Rude" or "Unforgivably Rude". Some Mean interactions like "Greet Rudely", "Accuse of Being a Diva" (if the Hot-Headed Sim does not first have the Diva trait) and "Slap With Glove" bypass this and cause them to feel insulted instead of being angry.
  • Sims with Hot-Headed trait do not receive 'Humiliated' moodlet when a mean action is committed on them (like being yelled at, been argued with or being slapped by another sim).
  • Hot-Headed Sims will always retort when argued with, never being distressed unlike other Sims. This trait is shared with Diva Sims, who will also proceed to automatically slap the Sim arguing with them.
  • Hot-Headed Sims are still subject to an awkward reaction when an Argue or Insult interaction is performed by a Sim with the Socially Awkward trait.
  • If the mood level is low, they become angry instead of uncomfortable and furious instead of miserable.

Hot-headed SimsEdit

Don Lothario, Rhoda Bagley, Ma Bagley.

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