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Bon Voyage Hotel
The back side of Twikkii Beach Hotel

A hotel is a hybrid of a community lot and residential lot that can only be found in vacation neighborhoods in The Sims 2 Bon Voyage, although it is possible to create a hotel outside of a vacation neighborhood. It gives controllable Sims a place to rest and rejuvenate before going off to explore. Each exotic destination has its own premade hotels but the player is allowed to make their own or edit the pre-existing ones.

Rooms may be reserved, restricting access to other Sims on the lot. Other vacationers will claim the other rooms.

Choosing a Hotel Edit

Hotel prices range from § to §§§§§. The Campgrounds in Three Lakes are free. Sims may visit any hotel before checking in as well as after and even switch hotels during a vacation.

Reserving Rooms & Checking In Edit

To reserve a room, click on the door to the suite. It will display the price for one night. Sims can reserve as many rooms as they like. When finished click on the podium in the lobby to check in.

In Axe Wood Campgrounds, just click on any tent and click "check in". Sims can then sleep in any tent on the lot.

Room Service Edit

If the hotel does not have a food stand or restaurant Sims will have to order room service. This can be done by phone. Depending on the size of the party it may be cheaper to order single plates, but group meals can also be ordered, the price of which is added to your bill. The food that can be ordered is dependent on the time of day.

Checking Out Edit

Use the podium in the lobby to check out and pay the bill. If the Sim doesn't have enough funds, the bill will be received in the mail when the Sim gets home. Sims can check out any time before noon without being billed for another night. The player can check the bill total using the phone.

Owning a hotel Edit

It is not possible to own a hotel with The Sims 2 Open for Business.

References from other GamesEdit

The Sims 2 (Nintendo DS)Edit

The Hotel is first introduced in The Sims 2 for DS, as the player manages the hotel.

The Sims Life StoriesEdit

In the beginning of Vince's Story, If you click on the goal icon The Hotel is mentioned, Vince mentioned that he went to a 5 Star Hotel in SimCity so it may be a reference to The Sims 2 Bon Voyage (as The Sims 2 Bon Voyage is released after The Sims Life Stories)

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