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Houseboats are a type of residential lot introduced in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. Unlike normal homes, they have the ability to move on water. They are built on docks, using a unique type of platform and then can leave the dock. Sims can leave the boat to go diving or on a smaller type of boat. When services, such as a repairman are needed, the hired Sims will come on boats. Houseboats require controls to be able to move in water, and are much smaller than normal houses. There are no restrictions on what you are allowed to put on your houseboats.

An important component of said houseboats is the new houseboat control port. This port, similar to the mailbox and dustbin, is automatically given to you and can be placed anywhere, but not duplicated or deleted. This control port is very important as this is the only way in which you can move your houseboat. To move your houseboat, simply click on the control port and choose "Move Houseboat". You will then be taken to Map View, where you can click the point of interest that you'd like to visit (provided it's in the water).

A glitch with houseboats is Sims will do a lot of teleporting. If your Sim has to work, he or she will teleport to the carpool outside your dock because carpools are land vehicles.

Trivia Edit

Do not, under any circumstances, delete the platform of the houseboat with testingCheatsEnabled. Doing so will cause the game to crash