Inspiration is the "resource" that allows a Bard to compose plays and poems. It can be gathered from either people or places and, when gathered, it shows up as an item in your inventory. These items are known as themes and come in many different types, as shown in the list below. The places where the inspiration is gathered affect the themes received, such as gathering in Tavern is more likely to give Art or Food and Drink, in Docks — Sky and Stars or Foreign Lands, etc.

Themes are required to write poems and plays, different types of poetry and plays require a certain number of themes.

  • Regular poems require 2 themes
  • Comedic plays require 3 themes
  • Epic poems require 3 themes
  • Tragic plays require 4 themes
  • Legendary plays require 5 themes

To gather inspiration from a place, click anywhere on the ground to bring up the menu and choose Gather Inspiration. Bards can also gather themes from other sims, but selecting the Bard option and then selecting the Ask for Inspiration option. Specific people are more likely to give you themes that are related to their profession. For example, if you asked for inspiration from the Monarch , he/she would mostly likely give you the Kindom and Royalty theme. The same applies for all other Hero Sims.

Types of Inspiration (Themes)Edit

There is a total of 15 themes you can collect by Gathering Inspiration from around the kingdom. All of them can be found at certain locations, but they do appear randomly as well.

  • Animals and Hunting (Can be found near the forest)
  • Art (Can be found in, or around the Tavern)
  • Crime (Can be found in the Judgement Zone or the Barracks)
  • Food and Drink (Can be found in, or around the Tavern)
  • Foreign Lands (Can be found at the docks)
  • Kingdom and Royalty (Can be found at the castle)
  • Love (Can be found anywhere; Double meaning?)
  • Magic (Can be found at the Wizard's Tower, if one is built)
  • Money (Can be found at the market, if one is built)
  • Nature (Can be found anywhere outside)
  • Sickness and Death (Can be found at the graveyard or the Clinic, if one is built)
  • Sky and Stars (Can be found outside, especially at night)
  • Sport (Can be found at the Kingball Court or the Tavern, if they are built)
  • The Watcher (Can be found in or around both the Jacoban Catherdral and the Peteran Monastery if they are built)
  • War (Can be found at the Smithy or the Barracks, if they are built)