Jane the Gorilla
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Jane the Gorilla
Name Jane the Gorilla
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Skin color Skin-light Light
Other Information
Game The Sims: House Party
Playability NPC

Jane the Gorilla is a premade NPC featured in The Sims: House Party. She is one of the female entertainers who can be hired from the large cake. She seems to be the "bad" female dancer, as when she appears Sims watching her dance tend to boo; her "good" counterpart is Bunny the Dancer, whom watching Sims usually applaud. Her male counterparts are El Viz the Dancer and Chip the Dancer. She is the only cake dancer whose name does not present an obvious pun on an existing entertainer; it may be an oblique reference to primatologist Jane Goodall.