The Jangbu Obsidian Paw is a story reward object from Alice's story in The Sims Pet Stories. The object enables players to control pets.

Introduction in the StoryEdit

When Alice is having difficulties training her pet Sam for the dog competition, a strange man named Otis Fielding offers help. He teaches her the secret technique called The Way of the Paw, which will help her understand her dog better. After that, he gives her the Jangbu Obsidian Paw.


  • Players should note that the Jangbu Obsidian Paw will not work until the entire story is finished. It won't work if Stephen's story is in progress as well.
  • A glitch might occur where the object becomes locked after saving the game, even if the player unlocked it before. Once the story is finished, the object will become selectable and usable.
  • Using the Jangbu Obsidian Paw is most likely the only way of controlling pets in the game without using cheats or mods.