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Jelly beans are some kind of magical, edible beans that grow on a jelly bean bush, which came with The Sims 3: Supernatural expansion pack. Eating jelly beans from the bush has varied effects that range from good to disadvantageous and even deadly. There are eight possible effects from eating jelly beans from the bush:

  • 35% chance of getting one of these positive moodlets: Adrenaline Rush, Buzzed, Fascinated, Feeling Lucky, Minty Breath, Oddly Powerful, Stuffed, Sugar Rush, Educated, or Warmed.
  • 25% chance of getting one of these negative moodlets: Feeling Unlucky, Garlic Breath, Hungry, Very Hungry, Itchy, Nauseous, Smelly, Tired, Terrified, Disappointed, Embarrassed, or Has to Pee.
  • 12% chance of getting "Glowy on the Outside" moodlet.
  • 12% chance of getting "Feeling Bluish" moodlet.
  • 10% chance of getting "Too Spicy" moodlet.
  • 2.5% chance of catching on fire.
  • 2.5% chance of getting electrocuted.
  • 1% chance of death by jelly beans.

There's a slight 1% chance that Sims who eat the jelly beans will die from eating the wrong beans. The ghost of jelly beans death will be in purple color and blue hair.