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Jennicor Tricou
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Jennicor Tricou's Original Appearance
Name Jennicor Tricou
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Ghost Ghost
Tricou family
Romances Jon Smith Tricou Married, Deceased
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Jennail Tricou Deceased, Nylissit Tricou Deceased
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Aspiration Pleasure Pleasure
Lifetime want
Become Hall of Famer Become Hall of Famer
Turn ons
Vampirism Vampirism
Full Face Makeup Full Face Makeup
Turn off Hats Hats
Hair color TS2 Grey Hair Grey
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-tan Tan
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Nightlife Icon The Sims 2: Nightlife
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Starvation
Neighborhood Downtown

Jennicor Tricou was the matriarch of the extensive Tricou Family, all of whom are deceased. The family lived in the House of Fallen Trees Downtown, and Jennicor is buried with her husband at Gothier Green Lawns. Despite being a Pleasure Sim, Jennicor has the lifetime want to reach the top of the Athletic career, which is intended only for Fortune, Popularity, and Romance Sims.

Jennicor is possibly the only Tricou member who already reached Perma-platinum, as when she's resurrected, she comes with a full platinum aspiration bar which never decays. She is the only one in her family with pointed elf-like ears, though they are hidden by her hair. According to her SimDNA in SimPE, her hair was brown before it turned grey. According to her age data, she had 14 days left in the elder life stage when she died.

The entire Tricou family possesses memories and personality points, hinting that they may have been meant to be playable. Her ghost appears pale blue, and complains about lack of food and checks the fridge regularly, indicating that she died of starvation, just like her daughters and son-in-laws. According to her memories, Jennicor appears to have been the last family member to die. Her name is in a French style, and is pronounced (S)jennie-coeur.

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Resurrection tip
This Sim can be brought back to life using the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, the genie lamp or an evil witch's spell. For more information, read Game guide:Bringing Sims back to life.



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