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The Sims 2 expansion pack Nightlife brought a sub-neighborhood, Downtown, in which "Downtownies" were introduced into the pool of Townies. Six of these downtownies created once Downtown is added to a neighborhood are teenage siblings, with the common link of Jon Smith Tricou (head of the extensive Tricou Family) as their father. While townies in The Sims 2 normally do not have family relationships, these six teens are exceptions to that rule.

The six teen downtownies have the Pleasure Aspiration and are decorated with items that ship with Nightlife. Their names are randomly generated when Downtown is associated with a neighborhood; the names listed in this article are only referenced in the game files.

They function like other teenage townies. They can be made playable by sending them to college with The Sims 2 expansion pack University, or by growing them up with a befriended playable Sim with FreeTime. If one of them graduates from college and reaches level five or higher in the Paranormal career, they can resurrect Jon Smith through the Paranormal career reward, the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, and in turn, Jon Smith can resurrect the rest of the Tricou family.

Orion Teens Patrick Teens Loren Teens
Orion Teens Patrick Teens Loren Teens
Tiave Teens Swan Teens Kestrel Teens
Tiave Teens Swan Teens Kestrel Teens
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