Kicktailpark guide

Kicktail Park is one of the districts in The Urbz: Sims in the City on console. Kicktail Park is the premier location for skateboarding fanatics and totally chill place to hang. It's located below 125th near the new pipeline being constructed on the East End which makes it perfect for... less than legal skateboarding.

Getting a reputation here will get one invited to The Foundry district.

Residents of Kicktail ParkEdit

About the ResidentsEdit

The Residents of Kicktail Park dress in average casual clothing, consisting of flannel shirts, tees, and jeans.

Skid Mark runs the half pipe, and the one to talk to if interested in a skate performance job. If one wants to learn some new social moves to help fit in, then seeking out Ally Stile or Trang Hang is the way to go. Rounding out this district are Rolanda Skye and String Bean, all of whom are worth getting to know and are the tightest turners and grinders in the city.

Preferred Social MovesEdit

  • High Five
  • Party Shout
  • Skate Trick
  • Tag Face
  • Tuck N' Hug 360


Grabbing a skateboard and grinding on the fountain to impress the locals is a step toward getting an invitation into Floater’s Air Bar. Kicktail Park is also the test location for a new chain: Major Monkey’s Ice Cream Emporium. And the Grunge is the right place to buy the latest in retro clothing. From flannelette shirts, cargo pants, tie-dyed T-shirts and torn jeans.

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